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Scaling for excellence

A professional digital media company needed to evolve their organization to meet projected revenue growth. The core challenge for Brave Health was: How do we manage the planned revenue growth without hiring multitudes of staff? Brave Health conducted a thorough situation analysis and our evaluation uncovered three areas that needed to be addressed to better align staffing with growth: (1) clear processes for execution of deliverables, (2) well-defined roles of those executing delivery, and (3) a digital management platform. Using the Brave Health WorkFlow™ framework, workshops were conducted with key cross-functional stakeholders to develop clear processes and establish roles for each critical step. Completing the WorkFlow™ framework provided critical insights into opportunities for greater efficiency and led to the restructuring of key roles. Importantly, most of this work was done with front-line employees and middle managers—not senior management, creating a sense of ownership among those most impacted by the changes.

Reinvigorating revenue by enhancing value 


Brave Health was invited to develop new product concepts for a highly specialized healthcare professional communications agency. Our approach provided the context for the development of strategic products designed to meet the needs of the evolving healthcare market and to optimize the portfolio of current offerings to drive significant growth for the business. The approach consisted of three major components: (1) discerning customer insights through primary market research and market trends analysis, (2) evaluation of current product offering, and (3) development of new product concepts. The final deliverable netted twelve unique, new product concepts for client development.

Launching a new digital platform

Brave Health drove the launch of a new advertising platform for a healthcare professional digital media company. Starting with a strategically sound and client-centric marketing plan, the deliverables included naming and branding, positioning, and the sales presentation and training. The process involved internal stakeholder and client insights derived from one-on-one interviews and a, analysis of the competitive environment. This novel, native engagement platform was launched at a major customer event and has been successfully received by clients.

Maximizing blockbuster biologic launch in EU

To ensure the successful launch and maximize sales in the EU of a potential blockbuster biologic cardiovascular product, Brave Health conducted an extensive assessment of the EU market and the product category to establish a regionally sound–and locally executable–marketing strategy. The output for this project was a detailed analysis of each market that concluded with strategic recommendations, including supporting evidence and an analysis of individual market conditions and opportunities.

Revitalizing management and operations

Brave Health was asked to help turnaround a struggling $50 million division of a Fortune 50 company that provides strategic consulting, healthcare analytics and promotional services to the specialty pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Specific initiatives included creating a staffing management model, a CRM initiative, process improvement, development of management tools, and business development support. The initial 6-month assignment was extended (to 20+ months) and expanded to include providing interim leadership during management transition and onboarding the new leader.

Translating general market expertise into healthcare sector

A top, general market, digital communications agency wanted to drive growth by expanding their client base into the healthcare sector. Brave Health developed and led a process with agency leadership to identify and prioritize the opportunities and approach for developing healthcare practice, including determining target sectors and defining their core offering. 

Growing opportunities in evolving US healthcare market 

An international consulting firm wanted to understand opportunities for growing their business beyond the pharmaceutical sector in US market, particularly in light of ACA-mitigated industry developments. To help the firm identify ways to leverage its ability to influence the health behaviors of consumers and to develop new revenue streams beyond traditional pharmaceutical clients, Brave Health provided an analysis of major industry trends and key opportunities for business growth. This client has since pursued multiple successful business development efforts in the new sectors that were identified in the analysis.

Strategic planning for launch biotech product

A boutique agency required an experienced pharmaceutical marketer with oncology experience to lead client and agency teams through the strategic planning process for a prelaunch oncology product. This included facilitating multiple client workshops to establish brand personality, positioning and overall communications strategy.

Cultivating start-ups

Supporting start-ups is an ongoing area of interest for Brave Health. Assignments have included branding, positioning, marketing platform and strategy, and business development strategy for a number of start-up companies. 

Developing business for top-tier NYC medical communications agency

A significant new business opportunity for a medical education agency required additional expertise in strategic marketing, the therapeutic category and winning pitches. Brave Health provided the strategic market overview, directed and provided insight and guidance on presentation development, coached the presentation team, and advised on pricing and contract negotiations. The agency successfully closed business. 

Similarly, Brave Health has handled a number of business development assignments where the agency’s strength was in a vertical, and a broader strategic perspective was needed to successfully pitch business.


Kelly Hughes founded Brave Health to help clients make brave decisions in the face of constantly evolving challenges in the healthcare industry.

Kelly has strong business building and P&L experience and a proven track record to drive excellence and deliver results in corporate, agency, and consulting business environments. A collaborative and creative problem solver, Kelly creates strong relationships and high-performing teams. 

Her expertise spans pharmaceutical, medical device and hospital marketing and integrated communications. She has launched her own consulting practice, led a medical education firm, held key leadership positions in pharmaceutical marketing and healthcare professional advertising, and has extensive experience in both direct-to-consumer and general market communications. Her clients have included large multi-nationals as well as start-ups in the pharmaceutical, device, biotech, and service sectors.



Fortune favors the brave.

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